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Ronington 5

On Saturday I made my yearly pilgrimage to ‘Ronington’, a day of music for charity that started 5 years ago as a one-off event and then continued as a highly anticipated gig in the north east music calendar. 10 bands over 8 hours.

Over £3750 was raised for the Bobby Robson Charity – nice one !


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Rubber Bullets – 10cc

Rubber Bullets are a band I’ve been trying to go and see for a few months but never made it. I’d heard some good reviews so off the The Queen Vic in South Shields I went.

All i’m going to say is if you like 10cc then you will love this band, if you like good music you will love this band and if you appreciate musicianship at it’s best then you will love this band.  Go and see them, sing along (as I did all night) and support live music.


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Satan – The Homecoming Gig

It’s been 30 years since Satan played in Newcastle and I had to be at this show. Satan are a heavy metal band originating from Newcastle in 1979, known as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement. The band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash/speed metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s.

The show was part of the Brofest weekend, an annual event bringing heavy metal fans from around the world to a three day indoor festival of heavy metal.  I was only there on Saturday and mainly went to see Satan but was thoroughly entertained by the rest of the bands on the day.

Brofest is an event that will hopefully continue for many years to come, watch out for Brofest 2017 and get yourselves along for a very special weekend.


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Photographs from Hessian, High Treason, Cynic, Robespierre, Geddes Axe and Desaster can be found here

Damaged Inc – The Queen Vic

Must be 2 years since I had the pleasure of seeing Damaged Inc perform so was looking forward to a trip to The Queen Vic in South Shields to see them.  Colin Smoult and Glenn Minnikin on sound and lighting duties means a visual and aural experience is guaranteed, and they didn’t disappoint.  The band have a new bass player since last I saw them but he slotted in effortlessly and the band were as tight as ever blasting out track after track with hardly a break between songs. A very good and entertaining evening.


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The Temperance Movement – Newcastle O2

A couple of years back The Temperance Movement were named as headline band at Stormin’ the Castle and having never heard of them I quickly bought their album and instantly fell in love with their music.  Fast forward to the launch of their highly acclaimed 2nd album “White Bear” and a tour bringing a visit to Newcastle.

First I went to HMV in Newcastle where we were treated to a short acoustic set from the band followed by an album signing session. Then I headed to the O2.

First up were support band The Sheepdogs, a Canadian rock and roll band formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2006. The group consists of lead singer and guitarist Ewan Currie, bass guitarist Ryan Gullen, drummer Sam Corbett, guitarist Jimmy Bowskill, and Shamus Currie, brother of lead singer Ewan Currie, playing trombone, keyboards, and tambourine. The Sheepdogs became the first unsigned band to make the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011 and have since grown to popularity in Canada and the United States.


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Next to hit the stage where The Temperance Movement. Nothing to say really except these guys rocked to a full house of eager TTM fans who lapped up every song. Tracks from both albums were spread across the set and songs old and new went down equally well. A top night of entertainment.


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Heaven or Hell

My first gig of the New Year and what a gig to blow the cobwebs off.  This band has always been one of my firm favourites on the North East band circuit so playing with a full light show at The Queen Vic in South Shields meant I had to go. Huge crowd all night with many singing along and dancing, a great atmosphere.

Enjoy the photos !


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Van Hailen – Queen Vic

There was quite a build up to the debut Van Hailen gig so we got there early to get a seat to find the place was pretty empty but fear not as by the time the band hit the stage the bar was full and continued to get fuller and fuller as the night went on. This was classic Van Halen at it’s best. I knew only 20% of the tracks as I’ve never been a big VH fan but despite this I enjoyed every minute of this debut gig. I can see the band having a huge following very soon, well done lads.


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Bon Jovi Forever – Morpeth Riverside

It’s not often BJF play north of the Tyne so a show in Morpeth was always going to be a “must go to” gig. With support from Geoff Mull this show was sure to be popular. The Riverside is a new venue for me and from what I can gather fairly new to the music scene, certainly for rock music but fear not the venue and crowd were well prepared for an evening of live music.


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From Order Comes Chaos

A Bubbles Bar favourite and this certainly showed with the amount of fans crammed into Bubbles on Thursday, all there to see the Ashington lads play.  I’ve seen the band before but this WAS the best gig i’ve seen them play, lots of energy and some self penned tracks that would be at home on many a “big band” album. Well done lads.


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Mofred – a company to avoid ?

On November 13th I took delivery of a shiny new Ipad Pro, a much needed upgrade from my 3 year old Ipad 2.

I needed a case for it and after a long look I chose a lovely looking cover sold on by Mofred, who seemed on the face of it to be a reliable and trustworthy company.

Delivery was quoted as being between November 17th and 21st, but the 21st came and went and no sign of the case.

I left a review on Amazon expressing my disappointment of having not received my goods and was quickly contacted my Mofred asking me to remove the feedback with the promise of a replacement case being posted on Monday 23rd November to be sent recorded delivery on Tuesday 24th November. This date came and went and no case. On contacting Mofred I was told the case had been sent but a tracking number wasn’t available, I was also given a full refund so long as I removed my feedback from Amazon, maybe a bit of a bribe?

I have now contacted Mofred on 8 further occasions to ask about the whereabouts of my case but my emails are now ignored, I guess they won’t be sending it.

So if you’re looking for a case for any device I would suggest avoiding Mofred totally and look elsewhere. – avoid !

29/11 UPDATE – The company say they have send a replacement item via Special Delivery but still can’t supply a tracking number. They say they will send another but wonder “where the £6.95 postage will come from”.  My answer was to supply a tracking number and no more postage would be needed !

30/11 UPDATE – Received an email saying another case, this would be the 4th, has been dispatched but I need to be patient as they have a backlog. I’m still waiting for the tracking numbers from the 3 previous dispatches. Given that I ordered the case on November 12th I think my patience has worn a little thin. I have advised the company that I am am now suing them for breach of contract. A solicitor friend has told me it’s a simple case under the sale of goods act.  I have messaged MOFRED and advised them.  Watch this space.

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