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Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup should be already done before the photographer arrives, you may however wish to use my make-up artist and hairdresser for a truly memorable pampering experience. Prices on request.

What do I need for the shoot?

You need to have a selection of outfits for the shoot. It’s often a good idea to have these items ready in a different room so you can get changed in comfort. Any props you would like to use such as flowers, jewellery etc. should also be at hand.

Can I have a friend or partner present during the photo shoot?

Of course!  You need to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible so you are more than welcome to have whoever you choose with you. I would advise they stay in a different room as they can sometimes make models uncomfortable.

Retouching and blemish removal

You are encouraged to allow me to retouch your photographs after the photo shoot to add a little extra glamour to the finished photograph, I could even remove a few inches here and there if you wanted me to!  There is no extra charge for any Photoshop work undertaken.

False Tan

I would strongly advise against the use of false tanning products due to inconsistent results and the fact that studio lights can and will emphasis any flaws or dark patches.


This is probably your main concern. Once your photographs are delivered to you and you are happy with them I delete the originals forever.  I may ask your permission to display a photo on my web site but this would never be done without your express permission.

When do I see my results?

I plan to send you proofs via email within 72 hours of your photo shoot and then deliver your final order within a week. I am able to give you rough previews throughout the photo shoot.  A photo shoot may consist of several hundred shots being taken and although you are welcome to have unedited copies of all of the photos, only a select few (usually 10 – 20) will be chosen for final processing.


I do not provide prints as part of the photo shoot. All resulting photographs are provided by CD/DVD and/or email.  I can arrange for high quality prints to be produced as well as canvases, mugs, key rings etc. but these are not included in the shoot and are charged as extras. Prices available on request.

What areas do I cover

I am available to shoot worldwide. Please contact me for prices.

Smoking and Health & Safety

I will never smoke in your home (I don’t smoke anyway) and would request you do not smoke in the same room as the photographer; this is to enable me to adhere to current UK law. My photographers are fully conversant with current Health & Safety legislation.

Model release forms

I do not bother with a model release form for private home shoots as they have no standing in UK law.  All photographs taken remain the copyright of the photographer, this is again UK law. You may use the photographs taken for any non-profit purpose.


I do not require any identification from you unless you are lucky enough to look under 18.  If you look under 18 and cannot provide identification then the shoot will not take place but you will still be charged for the photographer’s time. Please have ID available if you think it’s required. I can photograph children under strict adult supervision.

Outdoor Shoots

Although indoor shoots often work better for certain shoots as studio lighting can be used, it’s not always possible for a shoot to take place indoors, and some shoots do work better outdoors.  Most level of shoots can be done outdoors but the model needs to be aware that changing facilities can be hard to find.  Outdoor shoots can be very enjoyable, just make sure you book nice weather!

What kind of modelling can I do?

The following descriptions are the generally accepted genres of modelling levels. Please inform me of the levels you wish to work to before the shoot if at all possible as different lighting may be needed depending on what you choose. I did not write these definitions but they are a good guide for new models.


This is a broad based category that covers day to day clothing and evening wear. It’s important that the clothes you choose to wear suit your look and are a good fit. This category can be applied to all ages from children to adults and from jeans to skirts.


This is the standard head and shoulder type of photograph although a portrait can be a full body shot. It generally has strong lighting and is designed to bring out the best in a person’s looks. A plain backdrop is often used. These shots are sometimes used for as framed gifts for Christmas and birthday presents.


This is by its nature a more revealing type of modelling.  Models do not need to be stick thin to have a lingerie shoot but should feel comfortable in front of the camera. The same may be said of swimwear which may be considered under the same category. Lingerie modelling is seen as the safe but sexy choice for many first time photo shoots.


Glamour is probably the most misunderstood form of modelling. This type of photography is basically the very sexy side of lingerie and often involves stockings, hold ups and very revealing underwear. Models may also be topless during a glamour shoot. This is not to be confused with asking the photographer to make you look glamorous!  This kind of modelling is probably the most asked for as aspiring models seek to appear in the pages of men’s magazines such as Nuts and Zoo.


Finally, although I am confident that you will be delighted with the results from your shoot, please do tell me if there is anything you would like me to change in a finished photograph just in case I miss something.

Please do not hesitate to ask anything that may not have been covered in the above FAQ’s.