The Kill at Stormin’ the Castle

Another “big stage” band that deserved a spot on this year’s Stormin’ stage and as with all the other bands this year they didn’t disappoint. A mega performance that had the crowd singing along to every song.


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A.K.Q Stottin at Stormin’ the Castle

If there was a gig that I wish someone had videoed then this would have been it, surely their finest moment. Fireworks, CO2 guns firing underpants, scones and wigs that got blown clean off just to mention a few highlights. A historical gig.


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K.S.V.T at Stormin’ the Castle

King Size Voodoo Traveller or KSVT as they are know where a band certain to be a big hit at Stormin’ this year, even when Ally did take his top off !!  I caught the start and end of their set and the banter and music were top notch as always – plus loads of smoke !


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Groovetrain at Stormin’ the Castle

Kicking of the main stage entertainment on Saturday night where Groovetrain. Funk, soul and rock, a great start to the night.


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Bessie and the Zinc Buckets at Stormin’ the Castle

A look at the crowd in the Iris Tent will quickly tell you how popular this band is. A firm Stormin the Castle favourite who never fail to entertain. If you haven’t seen them then do so soon, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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