Shitkickers Ball

The Shitkickers Ball sounds like a bit of a strange event but all you need to know is that it’s a charity event held yearly at The Cluny in Newcastle to raise money for St Oswald’s Hospice – that’s good enough for me !

So 4 top bands and a host of crew gave up their time to play to a packed out Cluny and I was there to capture the action. Hope the photos do the bands justice – all gave 100%.

First band – H.E.D – A band from Ashington who have been on the scene for many years, have a load of albums of original material that could compete with some of the world’s top bands. See them at Ronington next year!  For now see the photos here.

Second band – The Pistoleros – a band with a huge local following that blow you away with their polished virtuoso covers of rock and pop songs that you rarely hear performed today along with some classic rock standards. Another band that you can see at Ronington next year.  See the photos here.

Third Band – STAN – A band i’ve seen many times since my introduction as sound engineer for them at a gig at Bubbles. STAN continue to excite every audience they perform for with their self penned power pop anthems and heart wrenching ballads. Songs you won’t know but feel you know and have an instant attraction to. There’s a bit of a theme here but this is another band who have kindly agreed to play at Ronington next year.  See the photographs here.

Finally – Groovetrain – are the premier Soul and R’n’B outfit of the area who’ll knock you out with their imaginative arrangements of classic numbers. A band I have worked with several time shooting videos in both the studio and live in Stockton and Kendal, an amazing band of highly professional musicians. See the photos here.


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