Ultimate Bowie – Whitley Bay Playhouse

This was my 2nd visit to Whitley Bay Playhouse, the first being to see the Temperance Movement and I loved the atmosphere and general hospitality of this great venue.  When I spotted local band Ultimate Bowie where playing there I managed to get permission to shoot the show, and what a show.

Now to save writing  a full review i decided to steal one and who better to review the show than Geordie Waters, top local drummer, here’s his thoughts :-

“Well….what can I say about last night, in Whitley Bay…at the Ultimate Bowie show.
I’ve seen a lot of brilliant artist’s,performing wonderful music over the years, but Ed Blaney’s performance and portrayal of David Bowie’s music and personae was mind blowing. I’m a Bowie fan…right back from Starman, on Top of the Pops, in the early 70’s, and Ed completely owned the gig, last night. No cheese, or messing about…just full on quality, with the band kicking into the Ziggy start of the set with the passion of the Spiders….a top set of seasoned players, who were a million miles ahead of just ” a backing band ”. We were third row, centre, and the pa sound was just perfect….big, strong, warm, balanced….a great job done by Smoulty and the chaps.
But….Blaney?? What a voice…Eyes shut…it WAS Bowie singing….eyes open…all the mannerisms….all the moves…all the COOL. And….delivered with a respect and dignity, deserving to a great…lost…artist, from a guy who is obviously a long-term fan. Just a brilliant night….gig….show, and if you like Bowie music…you’ve got to see this.
Last words…..it’s the first time….in a long time….that I’ve watched a drummer, and thought…”you lucky bastaad”  playing those songs…..and….as a drummer, he is a lovely player.
We’ll be back again….. Gxx”

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